Digital Culture Summer Institute

June 10-28, 2019

Schedule and registration information for Summer 2019 coming soon!

Join faculty and graduate students from ASU’s Digital Culture program to engage your artistic and technical sides in a series of short, project-focused courses. Topics include code for games, design thinking, autonomous vehicles, video editing, augmented reality, digital sound design, 3d modeling, beat making, digital fabrication, animation, and more - see our schedule for this summer’s complete list! Our program seeks to spark your creativity while integrating arts, science and engineering. We keep the student-to-staff ratio low, which means lots of opportunities for individualized attention, mentorship and guidance on your projects. Access to state-of-the-art technology like new computers with professional media software and a fully equipped fabrication lab makes this unique camp a great experience for future makers, artists, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

The program is organized into three independent weeks of courses, with a track for High School (grades 10-12) students and Junior High (grades 7-9) students. Each week students select 3 of the courses being offered. Students may enroll for one, two, or all three weeks. Class size is limited and enrollment will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Following are a selection of the courses that have been offered at past Summer Institutes.

Circuit Bending
Though a series of electronic projects in which you will create your own circuits, explore the artistic potential of hardware hacking, basic digital circuits, and primitive audio systems. Make weird sounds and ponder the physicality of sound.
2D Animation
This class introduces various techniques in creating moving digital images. Students will learn how to make Stop-Motion animation using a variety of tools and processes. We'll begin with taking photos with cameras, then add digital designs to them using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and finally compose them using Adobe After Effects.
Digital Fabrication
Time to take our designs out of the computer and bring them to the physical world! In this class students will learn how to design and make physical objects using digital fabrication tools. We'll be using laser cutters to make flat and stackable objects, also print 3D sculptures using 3D printers. Digital drawing programs and 3D modeling tools introduced.
Make a Green Screen Film
Record, edit and star in your own mini green screen film. Learn how chromakey plays a major role in video production.
Autonomous Vehicle Lab
Students in the Autonomous Vehicle Lab will construct and customize small scale motorized vehicles assembled from laser cut components. This vehicle will navigates its environment using real time data from light sensors. Students will physically assemble the body of the vehicle, construct electronics circuits for the sensors and motors, and program the vehicle using the Arduino programming environment. *This class is offered multiple weeks and can be taken once or repeated. Students who repeat the class will continue to build and customize their vehicle in the subsequent weeks and can serve as mentors for new students.

The Digital Culture Summer Institute was created by the School of Arts, Media and Engineering - part of the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at ASU. AME's Digital Culture initiative is an innovative degree program that offers students interdisciplinary degrees learning technology, design, media and art. For more information, please visit

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